The state of the world

Or America, at least.
Anyone who has been following me for a long time knows I’m a liberal feminist who believes the world needs to be better for a lot of people: women, POC, LGBT*, people of non-Christian faiths. Not Becky Feminism, but real feminism.
What we now have in the White House on the other hand is the opposite of that. He doesn’t believe the world needs to be better for anyone except himself.
So I’m scared of what the next four years holds.
But I know we can do this. We can fight his attempts to drive us back. I fully believe it. You know why? Because Obama said, Yes, We Can.
Now that man was a PRESIDENT. Eloquent. Classy. Well-spoken. Educated. Treats his wife with respect and love. Treats his children the same way. Fought for all those groups I listed earlier.
But the man we have now, he’s been elected because this country has more racist and ignorant people than a lot of white people realized. And it has more people who can’t figure out that we don’t have a three party system and threw away their vote on candidates who could never win. And it has too many people too blind to realize Trump is nothing but a liar and a bully. And a ton of people who blindly follow their party, regardless of how far it strays from what’s acceptable. And too many people who didn’t vote because they let the media convince them Hillary was equally evil.
He’s there and we can’t do anything about that fact. But we can do other things. We can give to the ACLU and charities that support the disenfranchised groups listed above. We can volunteer at organizations that help them. We can be vocal about our dissent. We can speak with love and truth and not let the bully hold us down.
Sadly, those groups haven’t always banded together. There’s been a lot of fighting between those groups. But now is not the time for that. Honestly, it never was, but now more than ever, we have to stick together. We have to fight for each other, not against. We have one common enemy: Trump and his cronies, who would take away all the freedoms we have all fought so hard to gain and keep. We can’t lose focus on that fact. We have to be vigilant and pay attention to bills that are being proposed, where the fine print of a seemingly innocuous paper has a tacked on addendum that screws us over in some way.
When there is an election, WE HAVE TO VOTE. For ourselves, against our common enemy.
Get ready.
Let’s do this.


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