Latest Reviews for The Art of Survival

5/5 stars – “A short story that is well written and fun to read
A really fun and uplifting short story. I pre-ordered “The Art of Survival” after enjoying Jamie Dean’s “The Story of Jax and Dylan,” and it certainly did not disappoint. An unusual setting for M/M fiction, with well drawn characters and not too much angst or overworked plot. A quick read that is sure to please. Looking forward to more stories by this author.”

5/5 stars – “More about the survival of the soul and psyche than the body….
The Art of Survival is a fast read that you’ll find yourself wishing went on longer. I confess, the title and description didn’t grab me at first. It sounded like manly men doing manly men things and, oh yeah, thinking the other is cute. But, I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve read from this author, so I had no reason not to give it a chance. I’m glad I did. The book is FAR more about the internal dialog Trevor undergoes as he faces some truths about himself and decides what to do with that knowledge. Of course, with any story of survival, there is dire peril. As you read, you’ll wonder who is going to save whom, or is all this effort going to fall short. The book is fine as a standalone, but frankly, I’m hoping for sequels!”



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