Latest Reader Reviews for The Story of Jax and Dylan

One reader says: “Jamie Dean has you rooting for Jax and Dylan even if they’re hesitant to root for themselves. I was enthralled as their friendship from high school reignited and, slowly, secrets from those days and times since began to slowly come to light. The build is slow, and the climax of the story hits like lightning. Then the fun part begins….”

Another reader had this to say: “A fantastic slow build romance. Dialogue and relationships were believable and interesting, emotionally compelling.

While the dramatic tension comes from a classic misunderstanding trope, the author managed to avoid the trite and overdone sort used so often in Hollywood films. The miscommunications felt grounded strongly in these characters personalities and history, not shoehorned in to provide more drama at the expense of believability. Basically, no one was handed the “Stupid Stick” and made to act foolishly OOC just to cause mid story tension. Refreshing.

Loved the sweet friendships between all the men. Just a really fun, lovely story with a heartwarming ending (complete with fabulous sex scenes). Definitely give it a go!”

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