Promotional opportunities – what works and what doesn’t

I’ve had some experience now with trying to promote my own book, (since publishers no longer do that sort of thing) and I thought I would pass along some helpful tips to anyone also attempting to promote their male-male romance novels.

The first thing I learned is that book promotions that work for other, more mainstream books will not necessarily work for a m/m romance.

  • I was referred to a specific Fiverr gig by a fellow writer who said she had good success from it – I sold about 3 books and they gave me a refund.
  • Blog tour? Total flop, no sales at all.
  • Other mainstream website promos? Not much action there, either.

So, then I decided focusing on LGBT sites was the way to go and I bought an ad on a blog that had good numbers and referred to itself as being about “LGBT fiction”. Well, it turns out the blog was about lesbian fiction, which isn’t exactly my market. It was another Fiverr gig, so the loss was not great, but still, a little irksome.

I found one book website that has given me moderate success by virtue of the fact that they tweet about your book hundreds of times over a period of many days via a service known as Triberr. That has given me the best results so far, but I have a promo coming up on another popular website that requires a certain number of reviews, so we’ll see how that goes and I’ll let you know.

By the way, if you are struggling to get reviews so you can do those promotions, and your friends and readers aren’t coming through, you can get those over on Fiverr as well.




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