Upcoming projects and news

First up, this Thursday, May 21, I will be guest blogging over at Cup O’Porn as part of their Thursday Things segment. It’s all about dreams and fantasies, so be sure to check that out.

Also, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the character Mickey from TSOJAD. Mainly, people want to know if he’ll be getting his own story, and if his question about a sequel will be relevant later.

The short answer is yes. I love Mickey. And even though he and Dylan weren’t a match, I think there is a match out there for him. I’d like to see him find that person and make that connection. I’d really love to get more into his back story and why Jax’s books were so important to him

That said, I am currently working on a couple of other projects at the moment (stayed tuned for more info on that), so right now, poor Mickey will have to wait a while for his Prince Charming to swoop into the bookstore and rescue him.

Have no fear, though. Mickey will find his true love. Jax and Dylan might even make an appearance, you never know.



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